3 Reasons Why Do Plumbers Need A Website

Plumber Website: Why Do Plumbers Need A Website?
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Written by Jared Mitcham

If you're a plumber and you are thinking about building a plumber website, you're in the right place. You may be asking why do plumbers need a website? And you probably aren't excited about sitting behind a computer screen for hours setting up a website.

But the truth is that building a plumber website isn't really that hard. And while getting traffic to your website is a little harder and takes a little more time, it's something you can do with a little bit of time and research.

At the bottom of this article I'll share more about a resource I have to teach you how to build a plumber website, but first I want to help you understand why a plumber should have a website.

Reason #1: A Website Is A great Sales Tool For Plumbers

Plumbers are some of the most humble people I know. They don't normally like to brag about themselves. However, your plumber website is where you get to sell yourself and tell your potential customers why you're the best option for their plumbing project.

And the nice thing about building a plumber website is that once you build it, it does its job consistently. It continues to tell customers the exact same message. Unlike real human beings who forget what to say, come to work late and don't always do a good job, your website is a sales tool that will continue to work its magic once it's been created.

Reason #2: A website Legitimizes Your Plumbing Business

Most people expect a legitimate business to have a website. If people can't find you online, they may be suspicious of you. On the other hand, having a website helps establish credibility for your plumbing business.

Not only does having a website instantly give you more credibility, the content on your website can also strengthen your credibility. 

For example, if you have a clean and professional looking website, it's going to help people think you run a professional business. If you display 5-star reviews from happy customers on your website, you'll instantly help people trust you more. 

Having a website for your plumbing business establishes that you are a real business and that you plan on being around for years to come.

Reason #3: A website Can Generate Lots Of Leads For Your Plumbing Business

A lot of plumbing companies spend massive amounts of money on Google PPC ads, radio ads, billboards, and more. But one of the best sources of leads is free organic traffic to your website.

If you build your plumber website on a good SEO foundation, it can generate traffic from people looking for your services. You'll have enough business to keep you as busy as you want to be if your website starts to rank locally. 

In 2019, I personally built a website from scratch for a local A/C and plumbing company that eventually hired me to be their marketing manager. Immediately after building their website, they would get 100-200 visitors a month on their website.  By the summer of 2020, they were getting 40,000 visitors monthly on their website. Not only that, but our revenue from just organic traffic increased to about 1 million dollars annually (not counting our Google My Business leads). Overall, our annual revenue increased from 7 million to almost 18 million dollars annually. Our website was a huge contributor to our growth.

organic traffic to a plumber website

Google analytics data expires after 26 months, but you can see our website hitting 40,000 visitors during the middle of summer, which is busy season for an A/C company in Florida.

Conclusion: You Need To Build A Plumber Website

Hopefully, you now understand why it's extremely valuable for your plumbing business to create a website if you are a plumber. There are actually probably many more benefits of having a website if you are a plumber than what I've mentioned, but these are the most important in my opinion.

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